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Shock Testing on Gun Stocks

The Test

Greyboe, an industry-leading composite fiberglass stock manufacturer, has heard for years by users that their stocks exhibit the least recoil. To objectively prove this is true, Greyboe sought to perform some testing with accelerometers to directly measure the recoil compared to competitors’ stocks.

We mounted a few enDAQ sensors to 3 different stocks and recorded the response during firing.

The Data

The Greyboe amplitudes were noticeably lower which suggests the reduced recoil that shooters feel with these stocks.


Greyboe-R.IDE (4.7M)
Greyboe-F.IDE (4.9M)
McMillan-R.IDE (5.1M)
McMillan-F.IDE (5.2M)
Wood-R.IDE (5.6M)
Wood-F.IDE (5.7M)