Wireless Vibration Monitoring Systems

Launch Your Predictive Maintenance Program with enDAQ's Wireless Vibration Monitoring Systems

Monitor conditions specific to your specs, and be alerted via email of the health of your critical assets with Wi-Fi enabled vibration recorders and the enDAQ cloud.

enDAQ's Wireless Vibration Monitoring Systems consist of both Wi-Fi enabled shock and vibration recorders and the enDAQ Cloud. Together, they offer a comprehensive and secure platform for condition monitoring and maintenance.

Our wireless shock and vibration recorders upload directly to the enDAQ Cloud over Wi-Fi allowing you and your team to seamlessly access, share, and store raw data. Use our enDAQ Cloud features to set up custom alerts, generate interactive reports, and monitor a range of advanced metrics for long-term maintenance - no gateway needed!

enDAQ's sensors offer a convenient, adaptable and reliable solution for gathering shock and vibration data with accelerometers - without the need for a full DAQ system. enDAQ sensors include:

  • Wi-Fi enabled - ability to upload raw data directly to the enDAQ Cloud
  • Email alert notifications - when an acceleration threshold has been exceeded
  • Timestamps to pinpoint exactly when an event occured
  • Large battery - continuous recording for up to 11 days (dependant on sample rate)
  • Accelerometers to monitor the damaging effects of constant low-level vibrations - sample rates up tp 20,000 Hz
  • Additional environmental sensors, including: gyroscope, temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and microphone

Accelerometer types include options for piezoelectric and piezoresistive accelerometers, not just the variable capacitive MEMS option available in most loggers.

enDAQ Wireless Vibration Monitoring Systems

Our robust Wi-Fi enabled sensors are ideal for testing in harsh environments. They're equipped with impressive 1,300 mAh (W5) and 4,000 mAh (W8) batteries for the recording capacity that long-term monitoring demands.

enDAQ W5 Vibration Sensor


16 GB Memory
1300 mAh
Digital Capacitive
Wi-Fi Enabled


enDAQ W8 Vibration Sensor


16 GB Memory
4000 mAh
Digital Capacitive
Wi-Fi Enabled


enDAQ W8 Vibration Sensor


16 GB Memory
4000 mAh
Wi-Fi Enabled


Demo enDAQ Sensor

Appropriate Sensor
Specific Features
Analysis Example
Custom Reports


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Our on-demand webinars on wireless vibration monitoring cover not only the features of our enDAQ Cloud platform, but also what are the best metrics to monitor for long-term maintenance and how to calculate them. 

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Case Studies for Condition Monitoring and Long-Term Maintenance 

Learn about how our products and software have enabled our customers to use data from our sensors to monitor for long-term maintenance.  

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Go to the enDAQ Cloud

enDAQ Cloud Platform for Remote Vibration Monitoring and Maintenance

Create your free enDAQ Cloud Account and Start Uploading, Organizing, Analyzing, and Sharing Raw Shock and Vibration Data

The enDAQ Cloud is an ideal platform for facilitating long-term monitoring and maintenance.

  • Upload your data directly from our Wi-Fi enabled W8 and W5 sensors
  • Manually upload from our S-Series sensors
  • Set custom alerts for generic testing environments
  • Set warnings or alarms for condition-monitoring on assets
  • Visualize and share your data easily with your team

The Cloud features four membership options including a free tier. Sign up to experiment with some basic analysis metrics like Acceleration RMS, Acceleration Peak, Temperature, Pressure, GPS Location, and more. 

Generating a Custom Report in the enDAQ Cloud
Example of Interactivity of Reports in the enDAQ Cloud

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