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VibrationData Toolbox

Signal Analysis & Structural Dynamics Software - Free Download

Through a partnership with Tom Irvine we can bring you his legendary MATLAB Signal Analysis and Structural Dynamics Package to those without a MATLAB license. He provides the source code to this package on his website (and updates it frequently). This software is also leveraged throughout his Introduction to Shock & Vibration Response Spectra which is available to download in our education area.

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Features: VibrationData Toolbox
  • Over 60 analysis functions
  • Import any data set
  • Export analysis output
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Intro to Shock and Vibration
Analysis Functions

There are a LOT of analysis functions that Tom has built into his analysis GUI. All the calculations explained in the Introduction to Shock and Vibration Response Spectra handbook were verified with this GUI. He also provides a full list of webinars here that provide examples and tutorials of all key areas of the analysis functionality in his toolbox. Some highlights:

  • Fourier transforms
  • Filtering
  • Power spectral density
  • Shock & vibration response spectrums
  • Integration and differentiation
  • Fatigue
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Import Data

Any data can be imported that is in an array. Data formats such as CSV, MAT, TXT, Excel, or any delimited files. We have added some functionality to help parse the import into a format that is expected by the analysis functions later on to help you get to analyzing faster.

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Export Data Analysis
Export Analysis Data

After performing your analysis in the GUI you can export the result to further analysis and reporting in other software such as Excel, Nastran for Finite Element Analysis, Python, MATLAB, or elsewhere.

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