Why Choose enDAQ?

enDAQ’s shock recorders, vibration data loggers, environmental sensors, and software offer engineers a convenient, adaptable, and reliable solution for acquiring, analyzing, and acting on application specific data.

The world of test and measurement is vast. There are a lot of sensing products and analysis software options available, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Our platform is trusted by thousands of companies because our products are:

  • Convenient
  • Adaptable
  • Reliable

  • Convenient

    • Intuitive operation to acquire data quickly
    • Portable sensing systems to go anywhere
    • Intuitive software to analyze data with no training necessary
    • eCommerce for fast product delivery

    We are all busy, and no one has the time to labor over setting up intricate testing systems that require special training. Our intuitive software allows our customers with no testing and analysis experience to utilize our sensors to understand their environment. This enables our customers to better develop new and better products and systems.

    On the other end of the spectrum, we have highly skilled engineering customers with years of testing and analysis experience. These customers value the portability of our sensors. Our sensors enable them to gather data in locations and applications which are inaccessible with traditional sensing equipment.



    • Selectable sensor packages to measure exactly what you need
    • Configurable device settings to measure when and how you need
    • Configurable software to analyze how and what you need

    Every testing application is unique: each has different environmental considerations and goals. Being an engineering R&D team first — and still at our core today — we understand this firsthand. We have made ensuring our platform is configurable by the end user to meet their specific needs a significant focus of our development.

    Our success in achieving this configurable design is evident by our customer base.  We don’t have a handful of customers buying thousands of units. We have thousands of customers buying a handful of units.  Each and every customer is doing something a little different, yet they are all able to configure our sensors to meet their needs.


    • Calibrated accelerometers to ensure accuracy and repeatability
    • Systems made in the USA to ensure quality
    • Tons of data storage to capture all the information about the environment
    • Rugged design to survive in harsh environments

    Due to the portability of our devices, many of our customers are using our sensors in applications and environments where they may only have one shot to get the data. This requires our customers to trust that the device will survive, capture all the data they need (not just some insignificant peak metrics), and capture accurate data. After all, the data our sensors capture will be used to make important decisions.

    Our Specifications

    Here are some major differentiators over our competitors:

    More Data

      • Storage capacity measured in billions of samples for a more in-depth and accurate representation of the test environment
      • High sampling rates: up to 20 kHz per channel

    More Embedded Sensors

      • All our recorders include common sensors such as temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and IMU
      • All recorders include multiple accelerometers for a more dynamic measurement range
      • Here is more information on our sensor specifications

    Better Embedded Sensors

      • We use the best embedded sensors to design into our recorders (our competitors use low-cost variable capacitance MEMS accelerometers)
      • Piezoelectric and piezoresistive accelerometer options
      • Here is more information on our sensor specifications

    Custom Configuration

      • Firmware allows user to change sample rates of sensors, enable/disable certain sensors, adjust filter frequencies, and utilize triggering to save storage, battery, and post-processing needs
      • Here are two articles on measurement settings and setting triggers

    Advanced Software

      • Free Lab software excels at providing a quick overview of your test
      • Free Analyzer software enables deeper analysis options
      • Both software packages export data to CSV to MATLAB for additional analysis
      • Download the free software along with some example recordings

    Our Customers

    Since we started selling our “Slam Stick” sensors in 2014 we have quickly built up an impressive customer base of thousands of companies across all major industries and around the world. Here is just a snapshot of some of the recognizable names among our customers, but we don’t only sell to the “big guys.” Many of our customers are smaller engineering companies like us!


    enDAQ Customer Highlights