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Remote Vibration Monitoring enDAQ Cloud Platform

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Remotely & conveniently upload, access, organize and share raw data from your device to enDAQ’s Cloud platform - no gateway needed.
Developed in conjunction with the new W-Series WiFi enabled shock & vibration sensors to upload data to your Cloud Account in real time.

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Go to the enDAQ Cloud Platform

Membership Options

$0 / month

1 Linked Sensor
100 GB Storage
1 Custom Alert
Basic Analysis Metrics

Go to Cloud

$100 / month

5 Linked Sensors*
500 GB Storage
5 Custom Alerts
Advanced Analysis Metrics
API Access

Go to Cloud

$300 / month

15 Linked Sensors
1.5 TB Storage
Unlimited Custom Alerts
Advanced Analysis Metrics
API Access


$1,000 / month

50 Sensors
5 TB Storage
Unlimited Custom Alerts
Custom Analysis Metrics
API Access


*Need more than 5 connected sensors, call for pricing & options: +1 781 306-0634

Cloud Security
Storage and Security

Storage options on the enDAQ Cloud Platform start at;

  • 100 GB for one linked sensor (Free)
  • 500 GB for five linked sensors (Starter)
  • 1.5 TB for 15 linked sensors (Professional)
  • 5 TB for 50 linked sensors (Enterprise)
Our platform app was built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), where cloud security is a top priority. Your data can only be accessed by you.

Remote Access to Cloud

Our enDAQ Cloud Platform allows you to set custom alerts based on your recorded data. Set up alerts for generic testing environments or warnings or alarms for condition-monitoring on assets. Our Free membership option includes one custom alert and our Starter option includes five custom alerts. Our Professional tier has unlimited custom alerts.

File Organization
Analysis Metrics

The enDAQ Cloud Platform updates its features and analysis metrics automatically. Our current analysis metrics are:

Basic Metrics

Acceleration RMS

Acceleration Peak

GPS Location

Microphone RMS

Gyroscope RMS



Advanced Metrics

Pseudo Velocity Peak

Velocity RMS

Displacement RMS





Our Starter plan includes both basic and advanced metrics. All plans include standard meta data including date of recording, serial number of device, file length, accelerometer sample rate, and more.

Processing Data
Access and Sharing

Our Cloud Platform makes it easy to search and share your data with your team. With our Cloud Platform, you can organize and search your data files by serial numbers, user-generated-tags, recording dates and much more without needing to open the file individually. You can also share a file URL and export tables. Our download links also have an automatic expiration to further protect your data.

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