enDAQ Lab software

enDAQ LAB Software

Self-Contained Software Application

The enDAQ Lab (formally Slam Stick Lab) software is a completely self-contained software application (no drivers or installation needed). For more of a technical overview of the software and instructions, visit our help center. The current version is 3.0.8.

Lab 3.0.8 requires Windows 10 or newer. If you are working with an older version of Windows, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team to utilize an older version of the Lab Software. Please note, the older versions do not include bug fixes or new features.

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Lab Overview
  • Configures enDAQ sensors
  • View multiple sensor channels concurrently
  • Simple analysis
  • Batch export and convert data
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Configure Device
Configure enDAQ Sensors

Our recorders / sensors are designed with configurability in mind because we know every application is unique. With the Lab software you can configure everything from the device name, to triggering conditions, to sampling rates, and even the per-channel calibration values.

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Viewing Data

The User Interface of the Lab software’s plotting view was designed for modularity of the many different sensor channels that can be enabled in an enDAQ recorder.  Users can easily toggle between multiple tabs, drag and drop them into different areas of the screen, create new windows and select any number of subchannels to be plotted together, etc.  The Lab software also allows for advanced visual customizations of plot colors, line widths, etc.

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Simple Analysis

The Lab also comes with some analysis functionality such as generating FFTs, PSDs, and spectrograms.

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Export to CSV or MAT
Batch Export and Conversion of Data

Our enDAQ sensors generate data in our .IDE file format that contains all the necessary data to describe the sensor channels, calibration, device, etc. But we recognize that there are many different analysis tools out there that our customers like using and make it as easy as we can to export and convert data into more universal file formats like .CSV, .TXT, and .MAT.

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