enDAQ Roadmap

As part of the Mide team, continued research and development is part of our DNA and the enDAQ platform is only just beginning. We are committed to continuing development by continually reinvesting a significant portion of our revenue back into R&D in addition to externally funded research grants we are awarded from the DoD.

Long-Term Platform & Roadmap

The following graphic provides an overview of the enDAQ platform we are building toward with the many product lines we plan to offer in the future. Each product line has within it multiple form factors (defined largely by power source) and sub-variants (defined by sensor options).


Short-Term Planned Releases

Release Date Title Description

Released Oct. 2019!

S2 Sensor Smaller form factor sensor (formerly Slam Stick) in aluminum enclosure with an improved processor to enable future developments and more storage.  Also includes new/better digital accelerometers.

Released Dec. 2019!

S3 & S4 Updated electronics of previous Slam Sticks to utilize the new processor in the S2, more storage, and a better secondary accelerometer.

Released Dec. 2019!

S5 A S-Series sensor with a battery that has 4x the capacity of other models, it is in an aluminum enclosure and a little wider (but the same height and length) as the S4 model.
Released Feb. 2020! Analyzer 2.0 Additional analysis functions added to the Analyzer such as integration, smoothing, peak detection, moving RMS & envelope, etc.
Released Apr. 2020! Lab 2.0 Python coding and summarizer module added to the Lab software along with general UX updates.
Released Dec. 2020! W8 WiFi enabled product line that has a 4 Ah battery.  The sensor options available in the S-Series will be available in this new product line, and these also now include GPS and a microphone.
Released Dec. 2020! Cloud Phase 1 Initial release of our cloud platform that will enable remote access of data captured from W-Series devices and organization of these files.
Released Apr. 2021! W5 A thinner wireless device that still has a large battery relative to the S Series (1.25 Ah) while keeping all the great features of the W with WiFi, GPS and a microphone.
Released Jun. 2021! Cloud Reports Now generate interactive reports off data uploaded to the cloud (whether from a wireless or non-wireless device) in a single-page report for easy sharing. These reports can be completely customized too!
Q3 2022 H-Series These will take the W8 as a base, and add to it 4 thermocouple inputs and 4 generic analog inputs for gathering data from external sensors (while still keeping all of our embedded ones) and benefit from portability of our system!
2023 Long Term Wireless A wireless device meant to monitor for over 1 year without requiring a battery replacement. This will still upload raw time series data to the cloud over WiFi for advanced custom processing and visualization.

Stay Informed & Steer our Roadmap

We want to hear from you and develop products and features that you want.  Fill out the form to get notified as these products are released. Your needs and feedback help us prioritize the many different development steps we can take.