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Slam Stick Shock, Vibration & Environmental Sensors

Slam Stick is being rebranded as enDAQ. The products on this page are being discontinued, but are currently still for sale. Click here to see our new products and contact us if you have any questions.


Our products offer a convenient, configurable and reliable advantage for you to easily record high-quality shock, vibration and environmental data.

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S2 - Mini
S3 - Polycarbonate
S4 - Aluminum
enDAQ Accessories
enDAQ Sensor Waterproof Enclosure EnDAQ Waterproof Enclosure:
Engineered to provide an IP68 rating. It also comes equipped with two rectangular mounting magnets each with a 54.1 lb pulling force.

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Sensor Measurement Range Resolution Sampling Rate
Gyroscope2000°/s0.06 °/s0 (off) to 200 Hz
Magnetometer± 1300 µT0.3 µT0 (off) to 10 Hz
Temperature-40 to 85 °C0.01 °C0 (off) to 10 Hz
Pressure1 to 200 kPa1.6 Pa0 (off) to 10 Hz
Humidity0 to 100 %RH0.04% RH0 (off) to 10 Hz
Light0 to > 20 uV<100 mlx0 (off) to 4 Hz
Product Features
  • Convenient, Configurable, and Reliable Learn More
  • Standalone Measurement System
    Embedded sensors, storage & power
  • Selectable High-Performance Accelerometers
    Variable capacitance, piezoelectric & piezoresistive
    Selectable measurement range from 16g to 2,000g
    Selectable sampling rate up to 20,000 samples per second
  • Up to 4 Billion Data Points of Memory
  • Embedded Sensor Suite
    Gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure, temperature, humidity & light
  • Triggering from Sensors and/or Time-Based
  • Rechargeable Battery Life of Over 4 Hours Continuous
    Can operate with external power
  • Simple USB Interface for Download & Charging
  • NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Trusted by Over 1,500 Different Commercial Customers