S3/S4 - Standard
S5 - Large Battery
W8/W5 - Wi-Fi
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enDAQ Sensor Waterproof Enclosure enDAQ Waterproof Enclosure:
Engineered to provide an IP68 rating. It also comes equipped with two rectangular mounting magnets each with a 54.1 lb pulling force.

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Sensor Measurement Range Resolution Sampling Rate
Gyroscope2000°/s0.06 °/s0 (off) to 200 Hz
Magnetometer± 1300 µT0.3 µT0 (off) to 10 Hz
Temperature-40 to 85 °C0.01 °C0 (off) to 10 Hz
Pressure1 to 200 kPa1.6 Pa0 (off) to 10 Hz
Humidity0 to 100 %RH0.04% RH0 (off) to 10 Hz
Light0 to > 20 uV<100 mlx0 (off) to 4 Hz
Product Features
  • Standalone measurement system with sensors, storage & rechargeable battery
  • Handheld form factor
  • Setup in minutes over USB interface
  • Multiple accelerometers for dynamic range
  • Many additional embedded sensors into single system
  • User-programmable wake-up conditions and sample rates
  • Trusted in harsh environments by over 2,000 customers & the US Navy
  • Calibrated with NIST Traceable Accelerometer | Benefits | Calibration Certificate
  • Storage capacity for billions of data points