An Introduction to Shock & Vibration Response Spectra
By Tom Irvine

This book has been written by Tom Irvine to help both students and experienced engineers understand the complex and fascinating topic of shock and vibration responses.

Tom has managed to bridge the gap between the highly theoretical approach found in several publications that may lack the practical applicability of their theories.

The extensive experience and passion Tom has for shock and vibration response has been translated into wonderful practical examples that are combined with the necessary deep level of theoretical understanding.

This is a great resource for recently graduated students dealing with everyday challenges, as well as for experienced shock and vibration professionals looking to confirm their thinking.


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 An Introduction to Shock & Vibration Response Spectra

About Tom

Tom wandered into the specialty of vibration serendipitously and found that vibration’s quirky traits were well-suited to his unconventional personality. After earning his B.S. and M.S degrees in engineering science Tom has worked in the field of shock and vibration for over 30 years.

He has posted hundreds of tutorial and software programs at his Vibrationdata website, covering shock, vibration, acoustics, structural dynamics, and signal processing. He has written several blog articles in collaboration with Mide, and we are very proud and excited to to be associated with this latest endeavor of Tom's, and we hope you will find it as beneficial as we do.

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