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Not Available for Online Sale

The S3-D16 is a custom built sensor designed for Government Organizations with stipulated requirements. For this reason, we’ve moved to a “request for quote” and minimum order quantity (10) model to help us forecast inventory needs and present more accurate lead time estimates.

The S3-D16 sensor is also available commercially, though we try to guide our customers to the S3-D40 model for a superior sensor at minimum additional expense.

S4-D40 enDAQ Sensor

S3-D40 Sensor Advantages

enDAQ's S3-D40 sensor has many advantages over the S3-D16. It has no minimum order quantity, and can be purchased online.

  S3-D40 S3-D16
Resolution 0.00008g 0.004g
Measurement Range 40g 16g
Sample Rate 4,000Hz 3,200Hz

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