enDAQ is the new Slam Stick

enDAQ is the new Slam Stick

Building on the success of our Slam Stick shock and vibration data loggers, Mide has launched its own sensing and analysis platform: enDAQ.


Through our growth and interactions with thousands of customers, two things became crystal clear;

  1. Our technology is highly scalable, and the product was becoming much more our electronics, firmware and software platform than solely a vibration recorder.  We can grow this platform in endless ways!
  2. There is a growing need for a convenient, configurable, and reliable platform to help people acquire data, analyze it, and then act upon it to improve their products, processes, and services.  We want to provide that platform!

So this led us to rebrand ourselves not as a simple recorder but instead a scalable platform that allows our end customers to select and configure the right solution for their needs.  We are actively developing new product lines and software solutions and would love to hear from you!  Check out our roadmap and provide feedback to help us prioritize developments into solutions you need!


What's the Name Mean?

enDAQ stands for Engineering Data Acquisition and will be the brand behind all of our products, services, and software.  The Slam Sticks themselves can continue to be called Slam Sticks but will be more formally and simply be called: enDAQ Sensors.  We will have several product/sensor lines, the first being the 'S' Series for "Slam Stick."  Future products will have shorter and more meaningful part numbers that will double as the part name, similar to how many car companies name their cars.