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enDAQ Cloud

Cloud platform to help access, share, and organize shock and vibration data

Currently Under Development our new cloud platform will help our customers access, share, and organize their data among their team. This will also be developed in parallel to WiFi devices that can directly upload data to your cloud account to have access in real time. In the future we will add alerts, analysis capabilities, and dashboards to visualize the data over time and many different events/files.

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Pricing Options

Free Standard Professional
Price w/ Annual Payment $0 $960 $4,800
Price w/ Monthly Payment $0 $100 $500
Connected Sensors 1 5 10
Storage 100 GB 500 GB 1 TB

Cloud Security

We know your data is sensitive and therefore we have security a point of focus for how we built the system. The app is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), where cloud security is a top priority. Furthermore, we do not have the ability to see your data without the user explicitly providing access to support of the specific data set. We know that your data is just that: it’s your data.

Remote Access to Cloud
Remote Access to Your Data

The enDAQ sensors securely connect to your cloud account and directly upload data there, providing access to you wherever you may be in the world.

File Organization
File Organization and Searching

Our sensors can trigger periodically and/or off event markers which can result in you quickly amassing a large number of files, especially when you have multiple devices. Our cloud platform makes organizing and searching your data files - giving you direct access to serial numbers, user-generated-tags, recording dates and much more without opening the file individually. Coming soon will be the ability to even search and organize by sensor summary metrics (max, min, RMS, dominant frequency etc.).

Processing Data
Processing Data - Coming Soon

Coming soon will be the ability to process many files to further analyze and summarize the events/files. We will provide some canned analysis types but then with the use of your own custom Python code you will have the ability to compute custom or proprietary identifiers.

Dashboards - Coming Soon

Coming soon will be the ability to visualize the summary metrics across many files in custom dashboards. This will let you understand how your environment is changing over time and then act upon this information with custom alerts!

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